Saturday, September 10, 2011

Treasure of the Day

They look retro - are they retro?

Today's treasure discovered at a garage sale.  Story is that these were owned by an 80 year old lady.  Sounds like the story that "this car was only driven on Sundays to church by my grandmother"  But something drew me to them and they sparkled in the sun.  How cool would it be to bring out ice tea to guests.  Must try it out.....anyone want to come for a drink?
TOO COOL!  Looked online and a set like this sold for $36!!!  Hmmm....any takers on this set?  If you comment I will let you know actual cost. :)


Bev Rempel said...

why is it so hard to leave comments on blogger?

Pauline @ Home Style Solutions said...

Love them!!