Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Cold Out There!

Not sure if these frosty mornings are typical for this time of year: certainly last November did not bring so much frost - just buckets of rain.  Each morning we awake to see even more frost.  Thankfully, working from home the brutal task of scraping car windows is avoided.  Bryan stokes up the fire and we sit sipping our cups of coffee waiting for the sun to thaw the ice from the walks.  This morning after our walk along the beach, I wandered my garden and marveled at the beauty the hoar frost painted.  Take a look!

Here is my favourite....a tiny rambler rose

 Hydrangea pretty

 A small plant in my rock garden: love the symmetry

Viburnum bud and leaves

I am so enjoying the hydrangea leaves which continue on and on forever.

The last of the alyssum I fear.

Lace cap hydrangea

And one more look at my favourite :)