Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello Hibiscus

I was so excited coming home on Sunday night to find I had not missed the blooming of the Hibiscus!  We had been gone a week ..... on the day we left a few blooms were out but numerous buds were literally on the edge of bursting into glorious blooms.  For sure they would bloom and be done by the time we arrived home.  In the dark we turned into our drive....in the dark the lovely lavender blooms shone in the headlights......and in the dark I exclaimed - the hibiscus is still blooming!  Bryan backed up the car and shone the lights directly on the shrub for me.  Oh joy! 

I love the hibiscus flowers - don't you?  Is the hibiscus also a Rose of Sharon?  Are there other colors of hibiscus flowers?  The pruning last fall seems to have encouraged more flowers this year.  After the rush of spring madness, these flowers arriving in late summer prolong the inevitable march into autumn.  The flowers appear to be created from crepe paper  with a sweet fragrance. The bees buzz around seeming undisturbed as the camera focuses closely on their landings. 

Early this morning with coffee cup in hand, I again stood admiring.  Succumbing to my obsessive compulsive need for cleaning and deadheading, I began to gather handfuls of finished flowers.  Typically deadheading leaves ones hands sticky and gooey.  However, the finished hibiscus flowers are soft and dry.  Lovely.  Should one deadhead a hibiscus? Do you deadhead your hibiscus? Are you OC about deadheading like me?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Loving this COLOR

 Another Saturday and another exciting day of painting - yes, we are loving this paint sprayer.  Who knew one could experience a huge change in such a short easy time.  I must admit I find it easy because of my DH who does all the prep work, the setting up of the paint, cleaning the paint gun, fussing with the paint gun......  I contribute too.....sanding, spraying, serving lunch and iced tea.... it is a true partnership of love :) Okay, sounds corny....

We had picked up a set of Adirondack chairs at Costco some time ago, Bryan had put them together and we were trying to decide what color to paint them.  We found the perfect color BM "forget me not".

Here is the before picture.

And here is what they look like after:

 They sit in front of the bed and breakfast - Bayview Bed and Breakfast .

 And here is the folding chair we placed in the spare bedroom for the bed and breakfast.

Don't you just love this??  Watch for more of this color on unsuspecting pieces of furniture.