Thursday, March 1, 2012

All things New and Budding

Yes! Spring is springing - or sprung?
There are little buds everywhere
Green shoots pushing up out of the cold
All things are new again!

........... and so begins another gardening season.  Are you excited? The sun was warm today and I wandered out in the garden with camera in hand.  Here is what I found.....

Hydrangea Leaves - all fresh and green

Found this behind the cherry tree - what is it?
Anyone able to identify from this tender shoot?
Certainly I don't remember planting anything there last year.

Have never seen a crocus in my grass
...have thought of planting them but that seemed to require too much forethought....

Snowdrops have been out for some time
Notice the hearts in green?

Cherry tree - still some time before these burst forth....
One imagines the possibilities

I planted this 'stick' last May hoping to see a Climbing Hydrangea
Only had a stick last year..... but! this year hope springs!

My Peiris 
Dainty, white and pink
These pictures are for my talented 'master gardener in training' friend, Pauline.

Can't wait for the graceful garlands of Spirea


The shy buds of Viburnum taking forever to explode

This is not 'new' but oh so splendid

Again, unidentified.... 
I know I planted a plant here late last spring but nothing came of it
 - well, I thought it had died.  Now here it is!  whatever 'it' is...

Hellebores..... come out, come out!

I am embarrassed.... another one with no name.....
A pretty ground cover which I am 'containing' and hilighting 

In my woodland garden, the Ligulara is checking out the spring


AND 2 delightful, CUTE budding gardeners.
Elly & Avery

How is your garden sprouting? 
Are you poking in the dirt 'helping' things along? 
Tell us about your spring finds.

If you can help me out by identifying the UGO (unidentified growing objects) please leave a comment.