Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mill Bay Garden Club AGM Potluck June 28, 2012

Enjoy! If you click on a picture it will enlarge so you may enjoy it more!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer!

While I am on the topic of loping (is that spelled correctly? lopers...lopper? loppering?) Ok, well, while I am on the topic of 'getting rid' of small trees here is another bush...shrub emerging into a full scale tree. Honest, last year I ruthlessly hacked away at this shrub, nearly wiping it out of existence, halting just short of the ground. This year rising determinedly, growing wildly, reaching a height now of over 10 feet, it has yet to reveal any redeeming features. It is green - so is everything else around it. It grows quickly - as does the vine creeping up the hill behind it. It appears to have been planted on purpose. Because of this, I waited patiently this year for its 'beauty' to burst forth. I am still waiting.....not so patiently anymore. What is this thing? Surely someone will know!
Again, is it worthy keeping?
I am imagining forsythia here with several photinia on either side creating a hedge at the border of this 'cliff'. Hedge...another thing to trim.....sigh...that is another story....to save for another day.

June 20th, 2011

This evening I plucked all the dead flowers from the radiant red rhodo......should I have done that? Don't like the look of the withered petals on the bush, but now that they are gone, the poor thing appears somewhat naked. Just as the blooms are at their best...the peak....glorious....the inevitable decline begins. Not even sure how plucking them off will affect next year's growth.
Do you pluck the flowers off your rhodos?

Pruned the small tree at the beginning of the driveway as well. Still not sure what it is nor whether it will remain. Really, a few pathetic white .... can't even call them blooms on the branches...and it is done. Not much to redeem itself. Afraid it may succumb to the lopers this fall. I am imagining a pink dogwood there instead - or a snowball bush. In the neighborhood, numerous snowball bushes have been blooming for weeks.

Perhaps a master gardener or one with more experience than I can tell me what this small tree is? And convince me it should stay?

Garden on!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Why am I beginning a blog on gardening? To keep a record of the garden as time goes by....the changes, the growth, the pleasure....from here to where?

I live on Vancouver Island surrounded by talented 'oh so knowledgeable' Master Gardeners. Privileged to belong to the Mill Bay Garden Club, we glean nuggets of advice and experience whenever possible. We snoop and scope out other gardens, drooling at the rewards of their efforts. Admiring the displays, we are encouraged by the 'bios' which confess the garden has been 14, 18, or even 20 years in the making. Thank goodness! There is still time for our humble Huckleberry garden.

In the Garden June 1st 2011

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